Give me some Space to Blossom

The gift giving is over for most of us and now it is time to find a home for the beautiful things you received from your loved ones. But where? Is your home not full of pretty things? Is your closet full? Cupboards overflowing? Retailers cannot wait until January when they can promote more plastic totes for storage. It happens every year.

Where do you keep your prize possessions? No, I do not mean the physical ones. Those beliefs, fears, wants, needs and desires. Like a closet or a plastic tote, they are stored someplace within you. And, only you can account for them. Only you can initiate the change that gives your inner self room to blossom.

Do yourself a favor today and start to find space in your life for your dreams to grow. Clean out your closet of negative thoughts. Let go of those unwanted feelings you have been accumulating. It is simply a waste of your time and energy. Replace that negative thinking with a memory that makes you happy. Feel the joy as you recount that event. Once you begin to clean your inner being, that which makes you who you truly are, you will start to sparkle and glow. Believe in the beauty that is within you. You are a good person after all. And, like a budding rose, you will grow to bloom and develop into that gorgeous person you are meant to be.

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