Wall of Life

Pieces of the puzzle
Upon the wall of life;
A colorful display of beauty
Carefully carved out by a knife.

Yet, connecting these pieces together
To create the final wall;
Seems to be life’s challenges
Certainly a mystery to us all.

If two pieces do not fit together
Do not stray from the design;
Perhaps this was not the chosen piece
One that does not quite align.

Select another one from the collection
That may be calling out to you;
Take a chance it might be right
Rather than fleeing from its view.

No need to fret, but trust your faith
As the puzzle starts to its shape;
Loving thought prepares its way
The wall of life you create.

One thought on “Wall of Life

  1. Lovely reminder! And don’t force those puzzle pieces either. Pieces that are meant to fit, will form a smooth, graceful union.

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