Destined is the sun to set
The moon to rise
And stars to twinkle in the nightly sky.

Destined is the earth to turn
The rotation around its axis
And night and day to come and go.

Destined is the wind to blow
The clouds to form from water vapor
And the ocean tide to rise and fall.

Destined is the tree to bud
The flower to bloom
And the roots that hold its ground.

Destined is the eye to blink
The cleansing of the lens
And the tear that keeps it moist.

Destined is the heart to beat
The steady pulse it makes
And the blood to flow thru the body.

Destined is the breath of life
The rhythmic pattern it creates
And the air that fills the lungs.

Destined is the path to take
The road to follow
And the life to live that is meant to be.

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