Down this Path

Down this Path

Down this Path

What did I do to deserve your eye
Take notice to the energy it gives;
For it is so bold and strong with life
Its message encourages my desire to live.

Live for this day that is given to me
Not yesterday or tomorrow in time;
This is the moment that we can connect
Do your eyes see or are they blind?

Blind are the thoughts that enter my mind
They have no designated path to take
Guide them along with passion and love
And perhaps they may someday feel great.

Great is the feeling for love and affection
For someone who has entered your space;
Do not be afraid of the message it carries
Be thankful for the friendship with grace.

Grace to the higher power in life
That who leads me down this beaten street;
A journey tis true of the ups and downs
Living every day of life that is truly sweet.

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