Dance in the Rain

Dance in the Rain

Dance in the Rain

The will to survive is a choice one makes
From determination and strength of the mind;
For life’s turmoil of moments that play in the day
Can stir up a brutal storm that leaves you blind.

Blind to the reason that exists right now
Hard to accept that it is true;
Do you think you deserve this challenge
Because you are deep with feeling so blue.

Blue are the drops that fall from the sky
Overflowing your cup with concern;
From the heaven above that weeps for you
What lesson now must you learn.

Learn how to dance in the rain
When your spirit has fallen into the mud;
And tears weep from your broken heart
Creating an enormous emotional flood.

Flood that hopefully will not last long
And sunshine will again make times bright;
Just reach out and grasp the power to live
For at the end of this journey there is light.

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