Once Upon a Time Ago

Once Upon a Time Ago

Once upon a time ago life changed mighty quickly
Due to this infectious enemy we could not see;
People panicked around the world
While the virus spread its venom like killer bees.

No longer were we allowed to embrace our neighbor
We had to keep a distance from each other;
Shelter in place was our only protection
I wonder how mankind will ever recover.

Fear grew daily from the news
As the number of infected was on the rise;
Hospitals struggled to keep up with its demand
Some people got better while others lost their lives.

Was this something somehow created by science
Or did it just evolve from the planet;
Perhaps it was sent by a higher power
As a wake-up call that life should not be taken for granted.

Lessons to be learned from this pandemic event
Take in each breath and give thanks for the air;
Live for today, for tomorrow is never promised
And communicate your thoughts and feelings thru prayer.

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