Each step you take forward
Puts you closer to your dream;
On the chosen path of life
As the curtain opens upon this scene.

One step at a time to take
Not to turn around and flee;
Do not fear what lays ahead
Trust your heart it is meant to be.

What people you may encounter
Along this journey you partake;
Moments in the future to experience
Not to be judged as a mistake.

Walk slowly to enjoy each breath
Your gift for being present;
Step by step towards the goal you set
Life could not be more pleasant.

It is time to make this journey
You have a bucket list of to dos
Place the foot in the right direction
And be happy for the path you choose.


A Walk along the Beach

A Walk Along the Beach

A Walk Along the Beach

Gazing down as I walk along the beach
Feeling the warmth of the sand upon my feet;
The sun rises out over the ocean waves
My body awakens to the feel of its radiant heat.

Each and every step I go I breathe the salty air
With glorious smells of seaweed that lay down beneath me;
The gentle waves wash ashore collections of debris and matter
So interesting I stop to take notice at the piles left by the sea.

Trying to hide from the dangers that are present
A lonely sand dollar quietly rests upon the sand;
An amazing creature created from the energy of the sea
Gently I lift it and place it upon the palm of my hand.

Perfectly formed yet so very delicate by nature
I smile sweetly as this was such a great find;
It makes me happy and brings positive thoughts to my brain
For God had given me this gift to enjoy on his dime.

Gently I lift the sand dollar placing it back in the sea
It has brought such happiness to the start of my day;
Watching its movement as it settles back into the sand
A wave flows in from yonder and washes it away.

The Power of Fire

The Power of Fire

The Power of Fire

Fire burning
Flames dance to the skies.
Mesmerized by its beauty
I cannot help but gaze at it with my eyes.

Moisture releases from the wood
I hear its sound upon my ears.
Snap, crackle pop
It renders up my fears.

The smell of the burn
Upon my senses
It only reminds me
I have no defenses.

Yet I love this night
A gift I can always remember
It makes me happy
A thought I can always render.

Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

Good morning Sunshine
You are knocking at my door;
Wake up to happiness
As your rays beam on my floor.

Tis the moment of this day
For my eyes to open to light;
The dreams begin to fade away
From the somber sleep of the night.

Morning begins another day of life
A new adventure awaits to happen;
I give thanks for this breath I take
As I pull back the bed sheets of satin.

The mind begins to process thoughts
My voice sings a simple tune;
Oh what a beautiful morning this is
For I feel like a flower in bloom.

The sunshine of the morning
Fills my heart with joy and peace;
It brightens the scene before my eyes
The power of its rays has an emotional release.

The Beauty of a Flower

The Beauty of a Flower

The Beauty of a Flower

Gaze your eyes upon this simple beauty
Notice the intricate design of the flower;
Stay focused on this present moment
Tis the most beautiful creation of the hour.

So delicate in color and vibrant with life
It hangs on to the stem with trust;
The plant will not die and wilt away
Nor will this flower curl up into dust.

Spring is the season plants vibrantly grow
Just to produce this colorful show;
Embrace the scene presented before you
Admire all the beautiful colors that glow.

Tis Gods’ gift of life wrapped in a present
Blessed are you to receive on this day;
Never deny that moment from Him
As you give thanks and pray.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Rocky Mountain National Park

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

A bright blue sky awakens the morning
To start on a positive note this day;
The sun rises to warm the earth
Unveiling the stage about to give way.

Gaze to the west at the mountains so high
Snow still remains at the top of the peak;
This glorious picture is such a breathtaking view
An amazing beauty one should seek.

It is an artist’s joy to create this painting
For the serenity of the picture to prepare;
The colors and textures upon the pallet
Brilliantly mixed together with care.

Nature created this glorious landscape
Take notice to how grand the expanse;
Give thanks for this present moment
And the beauty from God’s hands.

Down this Path

Down this Path

Down this Path

What did I do to deserve your eye
Take notice to the energy it gives;
For it is so bold and strong with life
Its message encourages my desire to live.

Live for this day that is given to me
Not yesterday or tomorrow in time;
This is the moment that we can connect
Do your eyes see or are they blind?

Blind are the thoughts that enter my mind
They have no designated path to take
Guide them along with passion and love
And perhaps they may someday feel great.

Great is the feeling for love and affection
For someone who has entered your space;
Do not be afraid of the message it carries
Be thankful for the friendship with grace.

Grace to the higher power in life
That who leads me down this beaten street;
A journey tis true of the ups and downs
Living every day of life that is truly sweet.