Nature’s Playground

Equinox Mountain, Mancheseter Vermont

Nature’s Playground

Look to the forest
Gaze at the sky;
Admire the majestic mountain
This picture is for your eye.

Engage in a walk along this path
Absorb the surrounding beauty;
Tis nature that creates this scene
It is truly a calling of her duty.

Capture the present moment
As if you found a treasure;
Cherish this time in your life
Perhaps it could last forever.

This is nature’s playground
That is given to you;
To explore as much as you desire
Give thanks for this magnificent view.


Choose Your Path

Follow your Path

Follow your Path

Which path do you choose to take today?
Today go in the direction your heart leads.
Leads you perhaps down a road unfamiliar.
Unfamiliar, but accept that it will be right.
Right before your eyes unfolds new opportunities.
Opportunities you have always wanted to explore.
Explore this new road you are traveling.
Traveling to a dream you have always desired.
Desired to know what it was like.
Like it!

Winter Garden

Winter Garden

Seeds of Life

How are you sowing your seeds this winter? Are you planting a new garden in your life? Take a moment to revisit all those wants and desires. The quiet time of winter, the beginning of a new year, provides the perfect season to bring focus to your life and awaken those dreams. Plant seeds that will nourish your soul.

Seeds in the garden of your life need encouragement to sprout. They need space in your thoughts to anchor their roots. To flourish, the seeds must be loved and cherished. Water them frequently with your prayers. Envision your seeds becoming beautiful forms of creation. Always remember to give thanks.

Now, think about what makes you happy. What changes do you want to initiate in your life? Write those thoughts down. Read the words to yourself throughout each day. Engage in the sowing of your seeds. Plant your winter garden. You might be surprised at how well it grows this year.

Nature’s Creation

    Nature's Creation

    Once upon a time the day brought snow.
    Snow accumulated till it covered this branch.
    Branch that supported the snow that winter.
    Winter so cold one thought it would never melt.
    Melt it did a day when it was warm.
    Warm enough to melt the snow to water.
    Water on this branch began to drip.
    Drip, but then the temperature began to drop.
    Drop below freezing that turned water to ice.
    Ice to create this formation of beauty.
    Beauty to admire which is truly Nature’s creation.



Have you said a blessing today, for the beauty that surrounds you? Have you said a blessing today for the life you have been given? And, have you said a blessing today for the love that comes your way? Think about all those daily events that go unnoticed as we trudge through the day.

Stop and take a snapshot of this moment. Focus your eyes on your surroundings.  Smell the air that flows into your nostrils. Listen to the sweet sounds that fall upon your ear. Taste the flavors that linger in your mouth. Hold your hand to your heart and feel its beat. Notice how you feel.

A blessing each day nourishes your soul.  Focus your day with the gifts that surround you. It is a beautiful day in your life.


I love the cold of winter
As it breathes upon my soul;
The starkness of a frozen pond
It brings warmth to make me glow.

Yet the days are short and nights are long
I wish to see the sun;
As I gaze out to the hills beyond
Recalling winter has just begun.

Peace is in this season’s spirit
Appreciate nature’s gift with grace;
For winter is a time of silence
Its beauty for us to embrace.