A Walk along the Beach

A Walk Along the Beach

A Walk Along the Beach

Gazing down as I walk along the beach
Feeling the warmth of the sand upon my feet;
The sun rises out over the ocean waves
My body awakens to the feel of its radiant heat.

Each and every step I go I breathe the salty air
With glorious smells of seaweed that lay down beneath me;
The gentle waves wash ashore collections of debris and matter
So interesting I stop to take notice at the piles left by the sea.

Trying to hide from the dangers that are present
A lonely sand dollar quietly rests upon the sand;
An amazing creature created from the energy of the sea
Gently I lift it and place it upon the palm of my hand.

Perfectly formed yet so very delicate by nature
I smile sweetly as this was such a great find;
It makes me happy and brings positive thoughts to my brain
For God had given me this gift to enjoy on his dime.

Gently I lift the sand dollar placing it back in the sea
It has brought such happiness to the start of my day;
Watching its movement as it settles back into the sand
A wave flows in from yonder and washes it away.