Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Today I honor my mother who gave me life
Treasuring the times when we were together;
She was always there when I needed her
Her endless love will go on forever.

Fond memories of my mother
Quietly pass through my mind;
Of all the days we shared with each other
For she was a loving mom and so kind.

She is missed each and every day
I still feel her spirit surround me;
Her gentle voice whispers in my ear
This too shall pass, just let it be.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom
You will forever have a place in my heart;
For you gave your life to help me grow
Our spirits shall never drift apart.

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

These daffodils pop up from the earth
To welcome the warmth of the sun;
Tis an early sign from nature
That warmer days are yet to come.

Bright yellow blossoms greet the eye
Upon their long sturdy green stems;
Flowering bulbs of the Spring season
Oh how we always welcome them.

Cut a few to bring indoors and admire
What a cheerful sight to see;
Yellow glowing colors stand out
Providing nature’s beauty to thee.

A cheerful message these flowers send
That this day is as precious as the next;
A moment of time not to go unnoticed
For life is not meant to be so complex.

Live This Moment

Live this Moment

Live this Moment

How often do your hear “Live in the Moment”
This moment of time that you have right now
Listen to the wind that is calling you here
To this present moment in space.

Space that is flowing into your thoughts
That you can create with ease
Be in control of your session
This a gift for your spirit right now.

Now have control of your day
Let not whispers interrupt your peace
Do not create worries
For a time or place that will be.

Be settled in this moment
And always present with time
Focus on this sacred space
That is God’s gift to you.



Are we not all surrounded by abundance? We are blessed with abundance in so many ways. The air we breathe, this moment, this day. Our friends, our family, our loved ones. Flowers that blossom each and every year. Trees that bear fruit and ones that provide shade. Sunshine that brings light to our soul. Water that quenches our thirst. Stars that twinkle in the night sky. The sun and moon consistently each and every day both rise in the east and set in the west, even if we cannot visually see them.

One of my favorite books is called “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach given to me by my sister during a time in my life when I really needed it. I pulled it off the bookshelf recently and have enjoyed following her daily writings and quotes. Looking forward to starting it again on January 1st. I highly recommend this book to you.

Take notice of the abundance in your life. Give thanks for the day given to you on a silver platter. Reflect about all those moments that have passed unnoticed, forgotten and taken for granted. Abundance is right before your very eyes. Abundance just surrounds us.

Celebrate Today

Guiding Light

Today give yourself a pat on the back
You have done it all and now must rest;
Not everything on your plate is filled
But you have truly tried your best.

Today is here and now
Celebrate with joy and laughter;
Smile and cherish this time for you
There is no guarantee is will last thereafter.

Today reach out to someone distant
You know the person who fills those shoes;
Forgive whatever they have done to you
No need to weep and sing the blues.

Today reach out with your beating heart
Send love to someone you care for;
Love is that special gift only you can give
To that person you really adore.

Today like every day is a celebration of life
Blessed we are like seeds that are planted;
Each and every day is special
Please never take your day for granted.