Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

These daffodils pop up from the earth
To welcome the warmth of the sun;
Tis an early sign from nature
That warmer days are yet to come.

Bright yellow blossoms greet the eye
Upon their long sturdy green stems;
Flowering bulbs of the Spring season
Oh how we always welcome them.

Cut a few to bring indoors and admire
What a cheerful sight to see;
Yellow glowing colors stand out
Providing nature’s beauty to thee.

A cheerful message these flowers send
That this day is as precious as the next;
A moment of time not to go unnoticed
For life is not meant to be so complex.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Tis Christmas Day full of good memories
Of all the wonderful times that have past;
With the special gifts from loved ones
And thoughts that will forever last.

The tree is brilliantly lit with glow
With the wrapped presents down under;
Patiently awaiting to be opened
In awe of this Christmas season wonder.

A fire warms the chilly room
With dancing flames that endlessly glow;
Waiting for people to gather
To celebrate with laughter and a HOHO.

Snow gently falls from the sky
Blanketing the ground with white;
Nature’s gift to cleanse the soul
And offer this gift of light.

Blessings shine upon a glorious day
As we celebrate it with a loved one;
The future is bright in this warm winter light
For all the New Year days yet to come.

Celebrate Today

Guiding Light

Today give yourself a pat on the back
You have done it all and now must rest;
Not everything on your plate is filled
But you have truly tried your best.

Today is here and now
Celebrate with joy and laughter;
Smile and cherish this time for you
There is no guarantee is will last thereafter.

Today reach out to someone distant
You know the person who fills those shoes;
Forgive whatever they have done to you
No need to weep and sing the blues.

Today reach out with your beating heart
Send love to someone you care for;
Love is that special gift only you can give
To that person you really adore.

Today like every day is a celebration of life
Blessed we are like seeds that are planted;
Each and every day is special
Please never take your day for granted.