Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Today I honor my mother who gave me life
Treasuring the times when we were together;
She was always there when I needed her
Her endless love will go on forever.

Fond memories of my mother
Quietly pass through my mind;
Of all the days we shared with each other
For she was a loving mom and so kind.

She is missed each and every day
I still feel her spirit surround me;
Her gentle voice whispers in my ear
This too shall pass, just let it be.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom
You will forever have a place in my heart;
For you gave your life to help me grow
Our spirits shall never drift apart.





Each step you take forward
Puts you closer to your dream;
On the chosen path of life
As the curtain opens upon this scene.

One step at a time to take
Not to turn around and flee;
Do not fear what lays ahead
Trust your heart it is meant to be.

What people you may encounter
Along this journey you partake;
Moments in the future to experience
Not to be judged as a mistake.

Walk slowly to enjoy each breath
Your gift for being present;
Step by step towards the goal you set
Life could not be more pleasant.

It is time to make this journey
You have a bucket list of to dos
Place the foot in the right direction
And be happy for the path you choose.

Choose Your Path

Follow your Path

Follow your Path

Which path do you choose to take today?
Today go in the direction your heart leads.
Leads you perhaps down a road unfamiliar.
Unfamiliar, but accept that it will be right.
Right before your eyes unfolds new opportunities.
Opportunities you have always wanted to explore.
Explore this new road you are traveling.
Traveling to a dream you have always desired.
Desired to know what it was like.
Like it!