Follow the Flow

Follow the Flow

Follow the Flow

Flow like the water
That leads you to your dream;
Follow the current
That winds around the stream.

Life is a precious gift
So grateful to be here;
Follow the voice
That is whispering in your ear.

Trust that around the bend
There is a place for you;
Follow the raging rapids
That float towards your view.

In the distance not yet reached
Your destiny draws near;
Follow the bank of the stream
That is leading you this year.

Live Life

Sunset over the Pacific

Live Life

Life is too short
Live it with glee;
Do not wait till tomorrow
Let your spirit be free.

Free as the wind
Through the air it glides;
Be happy to be alive
Flow gracefully with pride.

Pride for the life given to you
Let your heart lead the way;
Breathe and be present
Enjoy each moment of the day.

Day is a gift you have right now
Every second of each minute that passes in an hour;
Do not take this gift of life for granted
Give thanks to its creator, the spiritual power.

A Start to your New Year

A Start to Your New Year

Here we are at the heels of the holidays faced head on with the celebration of a new year. What does that mean to you? You may decide now is the time to change your diet, pledge to exercise, get organized in your life, or perhaps nothing at all.  Yet, doesn’t it always seem to be a challenge to keep the momentum going for the change you decide to initiate?

Let each day of the year feel like January 1st. Engage and embrace change. Recently I decided to be more positive in my life, to truly believe in and practice positive thinking, energy and expression. Wow, that really helps to shield those day-to-day darts that are thrown at me.  I try not to hang on to any negativity, but simply let those thoughts drift by like a puffy white cloud in the sky. Positive thinking in my life has made a difference in my relationship with others. And, my inner being, the voice that speaks to me, is peaceful and happy.

As the ball drops to begin a new year, reflect upon your own life. What change can you make that you will truly engage in and follow? Like a diet, it involves digesting different thoughts and feelings. Like exercise, it takes practice. Change can feel difficult at first, but if you stay true to yourself, you will begin to experience how your life is affected by the positive thoughts you create.