Nature’s Playground

Equinox Mountain, Mancheseter Vermont

Nature’s Playground

Look to the forest
Gaze at the sky;
Admire the majestic mountain
This picture is for your eye.

Engage in a walk along this path
Absorb the surrounding beauty;
Tis nature that creates this scene
It is truly a calling of her duty.

Capture the present moment
As if you found a treasure;
Cherish this time in your life
Perhaps it could last forever.

This is nature’s playground
That is given to you;
To explore as much as you desire
Give thanks for this magnificent view.


Reflections of Nature

Reflections of Nature

Reflections of Nature

Reflection of beauty that nature provides
Brings amazing energy to my soul;
How perfect the pallet of colors there are
I gaze at its pattern about to unfold.

Simplicity of the picture before my eyes
Such peaceful energy it creates in me;
There is nothing more pleasant in my life
Than the presented view I can see.

Nature’s brush and technique are truly unique
Stitched carefully together with fine thread;
Let the beauty of the moment open my heart
And speak to my thoughts in my head.

For I only seek what truly is good to discover
As I stay focused on the what is resilient;
Enjoying this time that has been given to me
Blessed I am for this present moment.

Nature’s Creation

    Nature's Creation

    Once upon a time the day brought snow.
    Snow accumulated till it covered this branch.
    Branch that supported the snow that winter.
    Winter so cold one thought it would never melt.
    Melt it did a day when it was warm.
    Warm enough to melt the snow to water.
    Water on this branch began to drip.
    Drip, but then the temperature began to drop.
    Drop below freezing that turned water to ice.
    Ice to create this formation of beauty.
    Beauty to admire which is truly Nature’s creation.