The Portrait of a Human

A Portrait of a Human

A Portrait of a Human

A portrait of a human
The expression on his face;
Does it really mater
What ancestry of the race.

The beauty in this portrait
Provides comfort from his soul;
The wisdom he has gained
From the years of stories untold.

Peace has descended upon this man
As he ages with amazing peace;
Life is a wonder of miracles
That never seems to cease.

We gain wisdom from his smile
And comfort from his grace;
Learn from our ancestors
What else can we embrace?


Live the Dream you Imagine

Live the Dream you Imagine

Live the Dream you Imagine

Wake up to the morning sky
Sky that displays gracefully the morning light
Light to shine on your path for the day
Day that is awakening before your eyes
Eyes to guide you to your destination
Destination that awaits to be discovered
Discovered is this time that you imagine
Imagine you are living your dream
Dream of a peaceful happy life
Life is yet a breath of air in this moment.

Live Life

Sunset over the Pacific

Live Life

Life is too short
Live it with glee;
Do not wait till tomorrow
Let your spirit be free.

Free as the wind
Through the air it glides;
Be happy to be alive
Flow gracefully with pride.

Pride for the life given to you
Let your heart lead the way;
Breathe and be present
Enjoy each moment of the day.

Day is a gift you have right now
Every second of each minute that passes in an hour;
Do not take this gift of life for granted
Give thanks to its creator, the spiritual power.

Reflections of Nature

Reflections of Nature

Reflections of Nature

Reflection of beauty that nature provides
Brings amazing energy to my soul;
How perfect the pallet of colors there are
I gaze at its pattern about to unfold.

Simplicity of the picture before my eyes
Such peaceful energy it creates in me;
There is nothing more pleasant in my life
Than the presented view I can see.

Nature’s brush and technique are truly unique
Stitched carefully together with fine thread;
Let the beauty of the moment open my heart
And speak to my thoughts in my head.

For I only seek what truly is good to discover
As I stay focused on the what is resilient;
Enjoying this time that has been given to me
Blessed I am for this present moment.


I love the cold of winter
As it breathes upon my soul;
The starkness of a frozen pond
It brings warmth to make me glow.

Yet the days are short and nights are long
I wish to see the sun;
As I gaze out to the hills beyond
Recalling winter has just begun.

Peace is in this season’s spirit
Appreciate nature’s gift with grace;
For winter is a time of silence
Its beauty for us to embrace.