Live the Dream you Imagine

Live the Dream you Imagine

Live the Dream you Imagine

Wake up to the morning sky
Sky that displays gracefully the morning light
Light to shine on your path for the day
Day that is awakening before your eyes
Eyes to guide you to your destination
Destination that awaits to be discovered
Discovered is this time that you imagine
Imagine you are living your dream
Dream of a peaceful happy life
Life is yet a breath of air in this moment.


Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Rocky Mountain National Park

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

A bright blue sky awakens the morning
To start on a positive note this day;
The sun rises to warm the earth
Unveiling the stage about to give way.

Gaze to the west at the mountains so high
Snow still remains at the top of the peak;
This glorious picture is such a breathtaking view
An amazing beauty one should seek.

It is an artist’s joy to create this painting
For the serenity of the picture to prepare;
The colors and textures upon the pallet
Brilliantly mixed together with care.

Nature created this glorious landscape
Take notice to how grand the expanse;
Give thanks for this present moment
And the beauty from God’s hands.


Spring Blooming Daffodills


Trust that Spring will soon be here
The cold days too shall pass;
As the sun shines higher in the sky
Its rays begin to nurture the grass.

Birds sing joyfully each morning of the day
Listen to their songs of fate;
Instinct tells the birds to trust
As they seek to find this year’s mate.

Snow gradually melts away
Providing moisture to the ground;
Trust those bulbs planted months ago
Will rise again to form a beautiful mound.

Buds form on the branch of the tree
Hanging gracefully as the limb sways;
Trust that they will transform to leaves
Providing shade from the sun on upcoming days.

A warm breeze falls upon the face
And you feel the spring air flow;
Trust that in the days to come
Nature’s picture of color will unfold.

Yes, Spring is coming any day now
We seek its sign each year;
For it is a rebirth of our spirit
Trust that it will soon be here.

Live Life

Sunset over the Pacific

Live Life

Life is too short
Live it with glee;
Do not wait till tomorrow
Let your spirit be free.

Free as the wind
Through the air it glides;
Be happy to be alive
Flow gracefully with pride.

Pride for the life given to you
Let your heart lead the way;
Breathe and be present
Enjoy each moment of the day.

Day is a gift you have right now
Every second of each minute that passes in an hour;
Do not take this gift of life for granted
Give thanks to its creator, the spiritual power.

Life’s Journey

Colorado Rockies

Life’s Journey

There are many mountains I must climb
Before I reach my goal;
Up and down the trail I travel
As the meaning of life unfolds.

I seek the path to the highest peak
My heart keeps a rhythmic beat;
A journey to challenge the mind and soul
I will not accept defeat.

Through the valleys where the grass is green
Forging towards the light;
The sun bears down as the day heats up
I must get to my destination before night.

I face my fears in the lonely times
In the dark my eyes are blind;
To the spirit I speak that is within me
That gentle voice in my mind.

Let fear not stop my next step forward
Help guide me along with protection;
Living this moment of my life right now
Onward I go towards the right direction.

Touch of Friendship

Touch of Friendship

Touch of Friendship

Heavenly is a soft touch.
Touch that reaches the inner being.
Being present with this moment in time.
Time so precious and special.
Special to be treated, so different than others.
Others remembered from the distant past.
Past has gone and can never come back.
Back to the present to engage in this friendship.
Friendship not to be taken for granted.
Granted are we for this moment of the day.
Day in life that blossoms.
Blossoms unfolding to this glorious beauty.

Nature’s Playground

Equinox Mountain, Mancheseter Vermont

Nature’s Playground

Look to the forest
Gaze at the sky;
Admire the majestic mountain
This picture is for your eye.

Engage in a walk along this path
Absorb the surrounding beauty;
Tis nature that creates this scene
It is truly a calling of her duty.

Capture the present moment
As if you found a treasure;
Cherish this time in your life
Perhaps it could last forever.

This is nature’s playground
That is given to you;
To explore as much as you desire
Give thanks for this magnificent view.