The Solstice of the Winter

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Tis the solstice of the winter
When the days are dark and long;
The light is dim and the air is cold
The north wind blows a lonely song.

The sun hangs low in the distant sky
Snow blankets the ground of frost;
Ice forms on top of the lakes and ponds
As the warmth from the sun feels lost.

Bring on the winter months with glee
This is the season that keeps us chilly;
Sip a hot drink or a warm bowl of soup
Do something that makes you feel silly.

Trust the daylight will increase again
In the upcoming months of the New Year;
Fill your spirit with joy and laughter
Celebrate this winter solstice with cheer.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Tis Christmas Day full of good memories
Of all the wonderful times that have past;
With the special gifts from loved ones
And thoughts that will forever last.

The tree is brilliantly lit with glow
With the wrapped presents down under;
Patiently awaiting to be opened
In awe of this Christmas season wonder.

A fire warms the chilly room
With dancing flames that endlessly glow;
Waiting for people to gather
To celebrate with laughter and a HOHO.

Snow gently falls from the sky
Blanketing the ground with white;
Nature’s gift to cleanse the soul
And offer this gift of light.

Blessings shine upon a glorious day
As we celebrate it with a loved one;
The future is bright in this warm winter light
For all the New Year days yet to come.

Nature’s Creation

    Nature's Creation

    Once upon a time the day brought snow.
    Snow accumulated till it covered this branch.
    Branch that supported the snow that winter.
    Winter so cold one thought it would never melt.
    Melt it did a day when it was warm.
    Warm enough to melt the snow to water.
    Water on this branch began to drip.
    Drip, but then the temperature began to drop.
    Drop below freezing that turned water to ice.
    Ice to create this formation of beauty.
    Beauty to admire which is truly Nature’s creation.