The Energy Within

The Energy Within

The Energy Within

Let the energy within you
Shine before the light;
It holds much spirit
That will carry you thru the night.

Energy yet untapped
You did not know you had;
Will it to come before you now
Experience its force that makes you glad.

Like Nature’s beautiful flower
That rises from the stem;
The strength within its petals
A precious gift that is truly a gem.

The power of the spirit
With the energy it holds;
Tap into this inner strength
Feel its blossom begin to unfold.



Spring Blooming Daffodills


Trust that Spring will soon be here
The cold days too shall pass;
As the sun shines higher in the sky
Its rays begin to nurture the grass.

Birds sing joyfully each morning of the day
Listen to their songs of fate;
Instinct tells the birds to trust
As they seek to find this year’s mate.

Snow gradually melts away
Providing moisture to the ground;
Trust those bulbs planted months ago
Will rise again to form a beautiful mound.

Buds form on the branch of the tree
Hanging gracefully as the limb sways;
Trust that they will transform to leaves
Providing shade from the sun on upcoming days.

A warm breeze falls upon the face
And you feel the spring air flow;
Trust that in the days to come
Nature’s picture of color will unfold.

Yes, Spring is coming any day now
We seek its sign each year;
For it is a rebirth of our spirit
Trust that it will soon be here.