The Solstice of the Winter

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Tis the solstice of the winter
When the days are dark and long;
The light is dim and the air is cold
The north wind blows a lonely song.

The sun hangs low in the distant sky
Snow blankets the ground of frost;
Ice forms on top of the lakes and ponds
As the warmth from the sun feels lost.

Bring on the winter months with glee
This is the season that keeps us chilly;
Sip a hot drink or a warm bowl of soup
Do something that makes you feel silly.

Trust the daylight will increase again
In the upcoming months of the New Year;
Fill your spirit with joy and laughter
Celebrate this winter solstice with cheer.

Wake Up to Enjoy the Day

Wake up to Enjoy the Day

Wake up to Enjoy the Day

Wake up with a smile this morning
Shout out “GOOD DAY” with a scream;
This day is worth opening your eyes
Do not spend any more time in your dream.

Sun shines brightly to the morning light
And the blue skies become alive;
Trust your instinct as the day breaks
Today will be an awesome day to rise.

Seek to find the dream that awaits,
To the golden skies of the west.
It rides upon your left shoulder
Take notice to its special interest.

It will grab you by surprise
Perhaps you may feel quite strange;
Be prepared with positive thoughts
As you accept this awesome change.

Follow the Flow

Follow the Flow

Follow the Flow

Flow like the water
That leads you to your dream;
Follow the current
That winds around the stream.

Life is a precious gift
So grateful to be here;
Follow the voice
That is whispering in your ear.

Trust that around the bend
There is a place for you;
Follow the raging rapids
That float towards your view.

In the distance not yet reached
Your destiny draws near;
Follow the bank of the stream
That is leading you this year.




Each step you take forward
Puts you closer to your dream;
On the chosen path of life
As the curtain opens upon this scene.

One step at a time to take
Not to turn around and flee;
Do not fear what lays ahead
Trust your heart it is meant to be.

What people you may encounter
Along this journey you partake;
Moments in the future to experience
Not to be judged as a mistake.

Walk slowly to enjoy each breath
Your gift for being present;
Step by step towards the goal you set
Life could not be more pleasant.

It is time to make this journey
You have a bucket list of to dos
Place the foot in the right direction
And be happy for the path you choose.


Spring Blooming Daffodills


Trust that Spring will soon be here
The cold days too shall pass;
As the sun shines higher in the sky
Its rays begin to nurture the grass.

Birds sing joyfully each morning of the day
Listen to their songs of fate;
Instinct tells the birds to trust
As they seek to find this year’s mate.

Snow gradually melts away
Providing moisture to the ground;
Trust those bulbs planted months ago
Will rise again to form a beautiful mound.

Buds form on the branch of the tree
Hanging gracefully as the limb sways;
Trust that they will transform to leaves
Providing shade from the sun on upcoming days.

A warm breeze falls upon the face
And you feel the spring air flow;
Trust that in the days to come
Nature’s picture of color will unfold.

Yes, Spring is coming any day now
We seek its sign each year;
For it is a rebirth of our spirit
Trust that it will soon be here.