Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Tis Christmas Day full of good memories
Of all the wonderful times that have past;
With the special gifts from loved ones
And thoughts that will forever last.

The tree is brilliantly lit with glow
With the wrapped presents down under;
Patiently awaiting to be opened
In awe of this Christmas season wonder.

A fire warms the chilly room
With dancing flames that endlessly glow;
Waiting for people to gather
To celebrate with laughter and a HOHO.

Snow gently falls from the sky
Blanketing the ground with white;
Nature’s gift to cleanse the soul
And offer this gift of light.

Blessings shine upon a glorious day
As we celebrate it with a loved one;
The future is bright in this warm winter light
For all the New Year days yet to come.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Winter has come and the dark days here
But do not spend time in this fear
Yes the days are cold
And the north wind does blow
But look to the sunshine that rises today.

Each moment now that passes is a delight
For the hours of increasing daylight
And the new hopes for the upcoming year
Wonders in your life will soon appear
To the increasing light in your life.

Be present in this moment in December
Winter Solstice is a time to enjoy and remember
Gaze towards the hours of the day
That will be celebrated with the upcoming holiday
And appreciate the year that has past.

Winter Solstice I fear you no longer
Your bring life to me that wants to wonder
New hope for the future that is brewing
Like soup on the stove that is stewing
Welcome this day the 21st of December.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden

Seeds of Life

How are you sowing your seeds this winter? Are you planting a new garden in your life? Take a moment to revisit all those wants and desires. The quiet time of winter, the beginning of a new year, provides the perfect season to bring focus to your life and awaken those dreams. Plant seeds that will nourish your soul.

Seeds in the garden of your life need encouragement to sprout. They need space in your thoughts to anchor their roots. To flourish, the seeds must be loved and cherished. Water them frequently with your prayers. Envision your seeds becoming beautiful forms of creation. Always remember to give thanks.

Now, think about what makes you happy. What changes do you want to initiate in your life? Write those thoughts down. Read the words to yourself throughout each day. Engage in the sowing of your seeds. Plant your winter garden. You might be surprised at how well it grows this year.

Nature’s Creation

    Nature's Creation

    Once upon a time the day brought snow.
    Snow accumulated till it covered this branch.
    Branch that supported the snow that winter.
    Winter so cold one thought it would never melt.
    Melt it did a day when it was warm.
    Warm enough to melt the snow to water.
    Water on this branch began to drip.
    Drip, but then the temperature began to drop.
    Drop below freezing that turned water to ice.
    Ice to create this formation of beauty.
    Beauty to admire which is truly Nature’s creation.

Winter Morning

Winter Morning

Winter Morning

The sun shines brightly on this winter morning.
Morning begins yet another day in life.
Life is so precious, treat it with care.
Care is to nurture each breath that you take.
Take not for granted there will be tomorrow.
Tomorrow will come if it is meant to be.
Be in the present moment to live and enjoy.


I love the cold of winter
As it breathes upon my soul;
The starkness of a frozen pond
It brings warmth to make me glow.

Yet the days are short and nights are long
I wish to see the sun;
As I gaze out to the hills beyond
Recalling winter has just begun.

Peace is in this season’s spirit
Appreciate nature’s gift with grace;
For winter is a time of silence
Its beauty for us to embrace.

Celebrate Winter Solstice

Lake Tahoe

This is one of my favorite days of the year. Why? Because this is Winter Solstice Celebration day. This marks the end of darkness. From now until mid-June the daylight hours increase. The glorious sun will move back towards the north.  I welcome each and every day with more morning and evening light. This generates amazing energy to each of us in its own unique way. It is truly a transition of earthly movement.

You may also be challenged with less daylight. Especially this time of year. Don’t you just want to hang out in bed later in the morning, telling yourself “Oh, do I really have to get up and get ready to go to work…now? Right now? Turn that alarm off that is waking me out of this dream?”. Well, you are not alone. I could hibernate all winter long. I think I was a bear in a life once-upon-a-time.

Thankfully, we have the holiday season to get us through the dark days of December. Let’s all celebrate Winter Solstice today. Do something special for someone close to you. You know what that is. Smile at a stranger that you pass along the street. If you are mailing a package today, say “thank-you” to the person behind the desk who is helping you. Be kind to those you encounter. They are simply trying to enjoy the Holidays in spite of the stress they encounter. The more you treat them with kindness, the more they will respond to you in a positive way.

Enjoy today, winter solstice, and feel the light of the energy it generates.