Once Upon a Time Ago

Once Upon a Time Ago

Once upon a time ago life changed mighty quickly
Due to this infectious enemy we could not see;
People panicked around the world
While the virus spread its venom like killer bees.

No longer were we allowed to embrace our neighbor
We had to keep a distance from each other;
Shelter in place was our only protection
I wonder how mankind will ever recover.

Fear grew daily from the news
As the number of infected was on the rise;
Hospitals struggled to keep up with its demand
Some people got better while others lost their lives.

Was this something somehow created by science
Or did it just evolve from the planet;
Perhaps it was sent by a higher power
As a wake-up call that life should not be taken for granted.

Lessons to be learned from this pandemic event
Take in each breath and give thanks for the air;
Live for today, for tomorrow is never promised
And communicate your thoughts and feelings thru prayer.

The Solstice of the Winter

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Tis the solstice of the winter
When the days are dark and long;
The light is dim and the air is cold
The north wind blows a lonely song.

The sun hangs low in the distant sky
Snow blankets the ground of frost;
Ice forms on top of the lakes and ponds
As the warmth from the sun feels lost.

Bring on the winter months with glee
This is the season that keeps us chilly;
Sip a hot drink or a warm bowl of soup
Do something that makes you feel silly.

Trust the daylight will increase again
In the upcoming months of the New Year;
Fill your spirit with joy and laughter
Celebrate this winter solstice with cheer.

Accept the Path You have Taken

Accept the Path You have Taken

Accept the Path You have Taken

Accept the path you have taken
For that is the road you have chosen;
The path may not be perfect
Accept that it may stir some emotion.

Accept the moment that is given
For that is all you can control;
The moment may not be as you expected
Accept it down deep in your soul.

Accept the body you live in
For that is what you have molded;
The look may not be what quite you wanted
Accept that your wonderful life has unfolded.

Accept all that has been given to you
For this is what you have unconsciously asked for;
Be thankful for all that has come your way
Accept these gifts as they should not be ignored.

The Portrait of a Human

A Portrait of a Human

A Portrait of a Human

A portrait of a human
The expression on his face;
Does it really mater
What ancestry of the race.

The beauty in this portrait
Provides comfort from his soul;
The wisdom he has gained
From the years of stories untold.

Peace has descended upon this man
As he ages with amazing peace;
Life is a wonder of miracles
That never seems to cease.

We gain wisdom from his smile
And comfort from his grace;
Learn from our ancestors
What else can we embrace?

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Today I honor my mother who gave me life
Treasuring the times when we were together;
She was always there when I needed her
Her endless love will go on forever.

Fond memories of my mother
Quietly pass through my mind;
Of all the days we shared with each other
For she was a loving mom and so kind.

She is missed each and every day
I still feel her spirit surround me;
Her gentle voice whispers in my ear
This too shall pass, just let it be.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom
You will forever have a place in my heart;
For you gave your life to help me grow
Our spirits shall never drift apart.

Budding Trees

Budding Trees

Budding Trees

Budding trees burst with joy
As the day awakens to the rising sun;
Leaves pop open on each tender branch
Nature’s work has just begun.

A warm breeze flows from the wind
As it gently touches the tree;
A song is heard from the moving leaves
Softly swaying with a rhythmic glee.

Gentle rain falls from the sky
Washing away the dust in the air;
Drops of dew accumulate upon each leaf
Nourishment that provides its care.

As the fog begins to lift and fade away
The wind sends a stronger breeze;
Sun shines brightly as the clouds drift apart
Sending warmth to the budding trees.